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  How Does DollFinder.com Work?

DollFinder.com is an easy to use site that allows millions of collector enthusiasts like you to search and post online Classified Advertisements and Show Events relating to Dolls, Doll-related items, Bears, Figurines, Miniatures, and more. Posting "For Sale" and "Wanted" Classified Ads are FREE to Members for 15 days. Posting Show Events is FREE to Members.

You may either search for items For Sale or Wanted using the Search feature, or by browsing the various listed categories until you find an item of interest. You can also search for Show Events being held in your area or throughout the United States, by zip code or city, by using our "Search Doll Events" feature.

How To Place a Classified Advertisement or Show Event on DollFinder.com?

To begin posting Classified "For Sale" and "Wanted" Advertisements or Show Events, you must first complete the NEW MEMBER REGISTRATION form. Membership is FREE. You can then login using your confidential Username and Password and begin posting your Classified Ads and Show Events immediately. By clicking on "Create A Classified" in the Members Section box you can post your Ad. Classified Ads are posted for 30 days. By clicking on "Create A Doll Calendar Event" you can post a Show Event. Show Events remain posted for 12 calendar months for our reader reference to current, future and past shows.

You will be contacted by any interested parties that want to reply to your Ads. Please take note that reply notifications will be sent to the Email Address you provided at registration and any phone number or mailing address you place in your posting. You should not disclose your Email Address, Phone Number, Mailing Address, or any other confidential information in your Classified Advertisements or Show Event postings that you do not wish to be made publicly viewed or accessible by others.

How do I Edit my Classified Ads or Show Event Listings?

In order to edit your current Online Ads, you must first Login to your account, using the "MEMBER LOGIN" on the Home page of the DollFinder site. Once you have logged into your account you will be brought to the "Welcome Back" Members Section box. Then you can choose the link that says "Edit - Display/Hide Your Online Classified Ads", or "Edit Your Doll Calendar Events" and begin to edit or hide your prior Advertisements or edit your prior Show Events.

How do I add an image for my Classified Advertisement?

In order to place an image for your Classified Advertisement, you must first login to your Account. Once you are logged into your account, you will be brought to the "Welcome Back" Members Section. Choose the "Edit - Display/Hide Your Online Classified Ads" link, and then select the Classified Advertisement you would like to upload a picture file for by clicking on the link that reads "Edit This AD". Then scroll down to the "Upload Images To This Classified" box. To upload an image file, click on the "Browse" button which will allow you to search the image files on your local computer to upload. Once you have selected the file and typed in a small description for the image file into the "Description of Image" box, click on the button that says "Upload The Image File". The image file will now be uploaded and attached for the particular Classified Advertisement you have chosen.

What is the cost of placing online Classified Advertisements on DollFinder.com?

During your 15 day trial membership, you are allowed to post FREE Classified Advertisements, that will be displayed for 30 days.

After your trial period, there is a sliding scale of costs that is based on the number of characters of text that your AD description contains as follows:

Up to 100 characters of text for $5.00
Up to 150 characters of text for $10.00
Up to 300 characters of text for $15.00
Up to 600 characters of text for $20.00
Up to 1000 characters of text for $25.00

Upload up to 4 photos for your AD for only $2.00

How can I place a Retail or Artists Ad?

We also have many other methods of advertising, i.e. purchasing prime visibility banners on either the Home Page or in the Categories that match your items for sale. Please be sure to Contact Us if you need any assistance.

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